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My free diamond consultation for youI am Connor Mc Lauren and I have been working in the diamond industry for more than 20 years. I am a proud member of the jewelers association of america.

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In this post though I want to give you my expert take on how to figure out the ring size of your girlfriend. After all, this is one of the very first things you will have to know if you want to find the perfect diamond ring!

So How You Can Figure Out The Ring Size Of Your Girlfriend

If you are at a place in your relationship where you want to ask your girlfriend to marry you, you might need to figure out her ring size. In some cases, you can do this by asking her. In others, you want the engagement to be a surprise so you will have to figure out another way to go about getting it.

You can get a friend of hers in on it. They can help with the ring size question without making it seem like you want that information. Some people will be better at this than others but see if there is someone that you can ask that knows your girlfriend well enough to figure out this information. They might know the size off hand or they might be able to ask in a way that doesn’t give away your plans to ask her to marry you.

You can also see if you can borrow any of her rings. This might get tricky and it might be hard to do but it is also an option. You can take the ring with you to make sure to get the engagement ring in the same size.

If you can wrap a piece of string around her ring finger you can use that to size it as well. This is hard to do and won’t work for everyone. You might have to catch her when she isn’t paying that much attention to you.

Other things to remember

Very Rare Diamond RingIf nothing else you can guess on the size with plans to get the engagement ring resized if need be. This will ensure that it fits perfectly and it is really the only thing to do if you want everything to be a surprise. A lot of women have to have rings resized for one reason or another.

If you are okay with her knowing that an engagement could be ahead you could tell her you want to go look at rings for fun. When you are there you could check on her ring size. She might start to understand that you will be buying her a ring soon but she also might just assume you want to look at rings for some time in the future.

When it comes to asking someone to marry you, you need to put a lot of thought into it. Picking out a ring can be difficult but it is not the hardest part. Knowing that you want to be with that person for the rest of your life is.

Think about if you want the engagement to be a total surprise or not. Talk to your girlfriend’s friends to see if they can help or guess on a size with the understanding that you might need to change things later. Whatever you do, try not to stress too much about it and enjoy asking her to marry you. In the end everything will work out and she will have a ring that fits on her finger.