Why should you choose a Hearts and Arrows diamond?

The hearts and arrows pattern is a very popular option for a number of jewelry items since this diamond cut allows for an optimal reflection of natural light. The pattern gets its name from the shape that can be observed with a special tool.

The diamonds and arrows shapes are too delicate to be visible to the naked eye but looking at one of these diamonds under a Firescope reveals a pattern with arrows at the top of the diamond and a pattern with hearts when the diamond is viewed from the bottom.

This trend originated in Japan in the late 1980s. The hearts and arrow cut is not very different from other popular diamond cuts but it tends to reflect more light, which is why it quickly become extremely popular in Japan throughout the 1990s. However, a heart and arrow pattern is not always a guarantee that the diamond will be well-cut since this effect is difficult to realize.

Why are they so popular?

Diamond Polishing of a Hearts and Arrows DiamondHearts and arrows diamonds look best when the cut is perfectly symmetrical. In fact, this applies to any cut of diamond since a symmetrical cut will reflect more natural light and make the diamond look shinier and more transparent.

Ideally, a diamond with a round cut and a hearts and arrows pattern should have eight hearts and eight arrows. These are the ideal proportions for a symmetrical cut and an optimal reflection of natural light.
Shoppers often believe that a hearts and arrows diamond is more valuable than other cuts because this pattern is more difficult to realize and sounds more complex. This is not entirely true since many other factors influence the value of a diamond. A hearts and arrows pattern that is not perfectly symmetrical or that doesn’t include an ideal number of hearts and arrows will not make a diamond more valuable than another similar gem with a different cut.

How to evaluate the quality of a hearts and arrows diamond?

However, because this pattern is difficult to realize and because there was such a strong demand for it throughout the 1990s, it is fairly easy to find a high quality cut since this pattern was often reserved for the best diamonds available. In most cases, a lot of care was put into cutting these diamonds.
Diamonds with perfect SymmetryThe presence of this pattern is often mentioned as a note on a diamond’s grading papers. However, there usually isn’t any information regarding the quality of this pattern and the presence of the hearts and arrows pattern isn’t a guarantee of the quality of the cut of the diamond.

This is why it is always best to look at one of these diamonds through a Firescope to see the pattern for yourself if you are thinking about purchasing one.
Hearts and arrows diamonds can be a very interesting choice because this pattern is associated with Cupid and with love. This is perfect if you want jewelry for a romantic gift. Besides, the round cut is a very popular one and will work with a large number of materials and settings if you are thinking about a ring or a necklace.
Even though these diamonds are often presented as being more valuable than others because of the presence of this pattern, it is important to keep in mind that other factors are more important than the presence of the hearts and arrows pattern when shopping for a diamond.

You need to look at the quality of the cut, the carat size, the presence of flaws and the color of the diamond. If you want to get a diamond with the hearts and arrows pattern, look for a diamond with a good cut and symmetry and make sure the pattern was well-realized. You should also review the grading paper of the diamond to find out about any flaws and make sure the diamond is colorless.

In the end, a diamond with the hearts and arrows pattern is ideal for a romantic gift due to the theme of this pattern. However, it is important to look at other factors and to make sure that the quality and symmetry of the cut is there since the presence of the hearts and arrows pattern does not mean that the cut of the diamond will be perfectly symmetrical and will reflect the light in an ideal manner.